Who are we trying to impress?

In 2021 the Millennial generation now makes up 68% of couples engaged to be married according to our UK Wedding industry report. Anyone born between 1981 – 1997 is part of the Millennial generation.

We are trying to impress Millennials.

Graph showing who took our survey

Millennials are the core of the current wedding market.  Understanding who they are and what they want is a key driver for wedding sales and marketing.

Millennials are well educated and  have grown up with technology, therefore, they will vet your venue in great detail, before they send an enquiry. This means that they use multiple platforms to research you and your offering.  Think about your website, 3rd party listing sites, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

With many elements of daily life involving some aspect of being online, this generation expects immediate fulfilment.

Let’s take a moment to think about a typical wedding couple…. and now, we need to forget everything we think we know!

If, like me, you have worked in the industry for some time, we can get too close to our own marketing material. We are not considered a typical bride or groom. Most couples are excited about their Wedding Day.  Yet, they can be confused and overwhelmed with the endless options available. Covid restrictions have caused uncertainty around wedding guidelines, leaving couples even more confused.

This generation of wedding couples are time poor and want to be WOWed!

A good way to step into the shoes of your couples is to think about something you have no product knowledge of. For example, an electric vehicle or high-end kitchen…..with so many options and companies claiming to be the best value, the fastest, the most eco-friendly it can be so overwhelming and difficult to even know where to begin.

Our industry survey says that most couples are booking 2-3 showrounds (in-person or virtual). Because these couples are doing so much advance research, a staggering 30% only visit one venue before they make the booking.  We must keep trying to impress them before they come to see us.

comparison of virtual tours vs in person tours
  • Do you know how many enquiries your couples make?
  • Do you get the sense they are fatigued from online research
  • How have you helped them with the venue search process?

I would love to hear your thoughts and experience.

This article was inspired by our Lunch & Learn webinar series from March this year, you can watch them back via the links below.

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  3. Nurture & Engage

Alix Matania-Allerton

Wedding Industry Expert / Speaker & Webinar Host / UK Sales Manager / Key Account Manager  at WeddingDates
A copy of the 2021 Wedding Industry Report can be downloaded HERE

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