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How can we capture attention?

How do you respond to couples that makes you stand out from the crowd and capture attention, once you've received the enquiry?Amazingly 33% of WeddingDates venues are still using a generic template which is a huge missed opportunity to capture attention. Something customised to your venue, isn't the same as personalised to your couple, you must capture attention.

How can we meet Couples Expectations in the era of Digital Relationships?

In this weeks article I am looking at how we can meet the high expectations of couples. We are well and truly living in The Era of Digital Relationships and demands from couples have never been higher! This is the fourth in a series of articles to help our clients understand and enhance the buying journey for wedding couples, ultimately improving your hashtag#weddingbusiness These articles are inspired by the WeddingDates Lunch & Learn webinar series I hosted back in March.

Image of a hotel receptionist in a cosy hotel

It’s time to Shine

Are you making time to shine?With directory listings such as WeddingDates. co. uk, there is untapped potential - here are some key things to think about optimising:Make the most of VisualsImages/videos/3D tours - all of these visuals help couples to picture what their wedding could be like in your venue.

Who are we trying to impress?

In 2021 the Millennial generation now makes up 68% of couples engaged to be married according to our UK Wedding industry report. Anyone born between 1981 - 1997 is part of the Millennial generation. We are trying to impress Millennials.

Insight from the returning customer

Institute of Hospitality Midlands presents "Insight from the returning customer". As the world of hospitality begins to open up in the UK, what plans can we make to be ready to welcome our guests again. How can we get up to speed quickly, and meet expectations.

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